Raise a Glass Cocktail #2: Old Traditioned


Above, a step-by-step video on mixing Anu Apte’s Raise a Glass cocktail, the Old Traditioned


—1½ oz. Appleton VX rum

—½ oz. Amrut Old Port rum

—¼ oz. 2:1 maple syrup*

—4 dashes of Angostura Bitters


Add large ice cube, if possible, or 2-3 smaller ones. Stir well and sprinkle a little Edible Gold Glitter on top as garnish.

*Stir 2 parts Grade B maple syrup and 1 part water together until homogenous. Bottle and refrigerate.

David Wondrich, on the Colonial Ties:

Anu Apte’s bar, Rob Roy, has often been numbered among Seattle’s, and the country’s, finest, for both its sophisticated drinks and its unpretentious, even amusing atmosphere (the place resembles nothing so much as a 1960s bachelor’s pad). Her drink, a variation on the original “Cock-Tail” of the beginning of the nineteenth century, is the same: straightforward, yet carefully assembled and topped off with a playful bit of flair.