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A Dirty Job in a Mighty Engine

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»Umiak I

A Dirty Job in a Mighty Engine

Short | 01:23

When Umiak's 30,000 horsepower engine is shut down for the night, the crew has to check that it's still in tip-top shape.

More About This episode

Umiak I is the most powerful ice-breaking bulk carrier in the world, and she has to be in order to survive the rough seas and thick ice off the eastern coast of Canada. She is the lifeline to the remote Voisey's Bay Nickel Mine in Labrador. Her job is to deliver desperately needed supplies and return home with 30,000 tons of nickel concentrate, worth over $120 million. Hop aboard and join her fearless crew on a treacherous mission, featuring heavy fog, howling winds, towering waves, and volatile cargo in constant need of monitoring.

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