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A Nightmare Scenario for a Cruise Ship's Lunch Plans

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»MSC Meraviglia

A Nightmare Scenario for a Cruise Ship's Lunch Plans

Short | 02:36

Cruise ships rely on a regular port delivery of fresh ingredients to create their on-board meals. So when one truck fails to arrive for cruise ship Meraviglia, the supplies officer springs into action.


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More About This episode

At 1,036 feet long, 141 feet wide, and a towering 19 decks high, MSC Meraviglia is a massive cruise ship equipped with high-tech toys, a water park and ropes course, and even Cirque du Soleil at Sea. Follow this brand new mega-cruiser on her second voyage ever, a wondrous five-night Mediterranean adventure for 4,000 passengers sailing from Genoa to Naples, Messina, the island nation of Malta, and Barcelona, and see firsthand the work it takes to reach each port safely.

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