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Polar Bear Town:

A Tense Encounter Becomes a Perfect Polar Bear Photo Op

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»The Big Exodus

A Tense Encounter Becomes a Perfect Polar Bear Photo Op

Short | 02:35

A local guide from Churchill, Manitoba, is on a late night walk, hoping to spot a polar bear. He strikes gold when a large male appears, who's on a trek of his own for a late night snack.


    • Saturday
    • 7:00pm
    Dec 23
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    • 10:00pm
    Dec 27
    • Thursday
    • 1:00am
    Dec 28

More About This episode

Summer is coming to an end in Manitoba, and a new struggle for survival begins for the polar bears and town locals. One pregnant bear is desperately seeking food to carry her through winter in her birthing den, while Churchill's guides are also working hard to find a unique tourist spot that will give them a leg up on their competitors. But they're not the only locals with money on their minds. The town's largest employer is on the verge of shutting down, putting jobs, and the community's future, in jeopardy.

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