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Collision over California

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Collision over California

Short | 03:48

A deadly mid-air collision between a Boeing commercial airline and a private Cessna sends both planes into a San Diego neighborhood.


    • Tuesday
    • 4:00pm
    Oct 31
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    • 2:00am
    Nov 01
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    Nov 20

More About This episode

September 1978: A Boeing 727 is preparing to land at San Diego's Lindbergh Airport. The pilots are warned of a prop plane flying immediately ahead of them. The crew confirms that they see the small aircraft, but within minutes, the two planes collide, spiral out of control, and slam into a small neighborhood. The crash claims the lives of 144 people, including 13 victims on the ground. It is one of California's worst aircraft disasters. Join the investigation and see how investigator's findings lead to major changes in aircraft landing procedures across the U.S.

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