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Perfect Storms:

This is Why You Don't Invade Russia in the Winter

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»Hitler's Frozen Army

This is Why You Don't Invade Russia in the Winter

Short | 01:56

Unprepared for the vicious cold, the German army was freezing on its feet. Meanwhile, the Soviets navigated the snowy terrain deftly, battling and defeating the enemy troops when they were at their weakest.

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The Battle of Moscow in 1941 has been called the largest battle in the whole of human history. Seven million soldiers engaged in brutal warfare over three months, and the stakes could not be higher. If Hitler captures the city, he could win World War II. But two obstacles stand in his way: the tenacity of the Soviet Army and the harshness of a Russian winter. Discover how this Nazi attack was thwarted by heavy rains that transformed battlefields into swamps and sub-zero temperatures that literally stopped the German Army cold.

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