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Drinks, Crime and Prohibition:

How the Rich Used Yachts as a Loophole to Drink Alcohol

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How the Rich Used Yachts as a Loophole to Drink Alcohol

Short | 01:25

The 'three-mile limit' law stipulated that alcohol couldn't be consumed within three miles of a U.S. coastline. Predictably, this resulted in a surge in yacht usage.


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After decades of decrying liquor and its corrosive impact on American culture, the Prohibition Party got their wish in 1919 when the 18th Amendment took effect, banning the manufacture and sale of alcohol. The ban was almost unenforceable from day one. The "Lost Generation" flocked to speakeasies, moonshine was made at home, corruption infected every level of the government, and gangsters grew in wealth and power. Witness the early days of Prohibition and the violent events that sent it careening towards its final days.

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