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Wild Burma:

Ridiculous Planthopper Nymphs in Action

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»Chasing Tigers

Ridiculous Planthopper Nymphs in Action

Short | 00:43

These snowflake-like creatures seem almost lifeless from afar. Get closer, and it's a completely different story.


    • Wednesday
    • 9:00pm
    Nov 15
    • Thursday
    • 12:00am
    Nov 16
    • Tuesday
    • 9:00am
    Nov 21

More About This episode

Throughout Asia, tigers are under siege and on the brink of extinction. Burma may be their last hope -- if it's not already too late. Join our team of scientists and filmmakers as they venture deep into the Burmese jungles to prove tigers and other endangered creatures exist here and need protection from hunters and commercial development. The more animals they find, the more proof they'll have. But it's a tall order: A tiger hasn't been caught on film in this area in years, and this is no time to be camera shy.

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