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Can Cell Phone Ringtones Be Used to Train Bats?

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Can Cell Phone Ringtones Be Used to Train Bats?

Short | 03:19

Frog-eating bats could be in trouble if the amphibian population on Barro Colorado Island gets wiped out. That's why researchers are using cell phone ringtones to test bats' ability to adapt.

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Rainforests cover just six percent of Earth's surface yet contain almost half of the world's plants and animals. With a diversity of mammals, birds, and bugs unrivaled almost anywhere in the world, Panama's Barro Colorado Island is the perfect microcosm of nature. Every year, passionate and dedicated scientists gather to this oasis of life, scaling the treetops, from canopy to forest floor, in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the rainforest. Follow them as they explore how life thrives in one of the most complex habitats on Earth.

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