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The Weapon Hunter:

What Was the Best WWII Sniper Rifle?

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What Was the Best WWII Sniper Rifle?

Short | 03:15

The debate over which seminal WWII sniper rifle is better -- the M1903 Springfield or the M1 Garand -- has raged for decades. 'The Weapon Hunter' host Paul Shull tests both and comes to a verdict... sort of.

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With the help of some old and new collector friends, host Paul Shull sets out on a cross-country trek to try and settle an old argument: what was the best sniper rifle of WWII? He hunts down the deadliest rifles, helps rebuild a rare Soviet SVT-40, survives a grueling sniper boot camp and learns about the origins of the sharpshooter. Who will win this classic shootout? Paul aims to find out.

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