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Inside Windsor Castle:

The Devastating Fire That Left Windsor Castle in Shambles

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»Tragedy and Triumph

The Devastating Fire That Left Windsor Castle in Shambles

Short | 02:48

Windsor Castle, the scene of a disastrous fire in 1992, was badly in need of restoration. One problem: The bill was likely to be in the millions--and taxpayers were in no mood to foot the bill.

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The 1990s would be the toughest decade of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, marked by the worst disaster in Windsor Castle's 1,000-year history plus a series of scandals that would rock the Royal Family. Join us as we look at the 1992 fire that ripped through the castle on the day of the Queen's 45th wedding anniversary and the public backlash over who should pay for the restoration. Then see how the Queen responded to the criticism, as well as a string of family scandals and tragedies, to rebuild both the castle and the reputation of the monarchy.

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