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Perfect Storms:

Bones Reveal Aftermath of Arminius's Rampart

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»The Lost Legions

Bones Reveal Aftermath of Arminius's Rampart

Short | 01:06

Bones found in the forests of Germania relay the brutality of an ancient battle between Arminius and the Roman legions. The wounds are a gruesome snapshot of 1,000-year-old casualties.

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It's one of history's great mysteries: How did the most powerful army in the world get wiped out by a bunch of barbarians? The answer lies in Germania's dark forests, and in the unpredictable skies above. Travel back to 9 A.D. and enter the dark Teutoburg Forest, where three Roman legions, 16,000 men strong, fell victim to treacherous terrain, guerilla tactics, and a violent monsoon. Their defeat would deplete most of the Roman army, create a boundary between Latin and Germanic Europe that exists to this day, and change the course of history.

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