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The Weapon Hunter:

Putting a Disposable Vietnam-Era Rocket Launcher to the Test

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»Vietnam Road Warrior

Putting a Disposable Vietnam-Era Rocket Launcher to the Test

Short | 04:29

A Vietnam veteran introduces Weapon Hunter host Paul Shull to the M72 LAW shoulder-fired rocket launcher--a single-use weapon that can penetrate armor as thick as seven inches.

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Gun trucks played a vital role in the Vietnam War, escorting supply convoys through regions most likely to come under attack. As critical as these armor-plated giants were, few people know about these amazing vehicles and the people that operated them. Join host Paul Shull as he heads to Rogersville, Tennessee, to help Vietnam vet Sammy Seay rebuild a gun truck nicknamed the "Proud American." Sammy puts the truck, and Paul, to the test, in a staged ambush that will reveal just how tough the machines were, as well as the men who rode them.

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