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Was Leonardo Da Vinci Dyslexic?

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»The Da Vinci Code

Was Leonardo Da Vinci Dyslexic?

Short | 03:45

Almost everything Da Vinci wrote in his journals is back-to-front and the letters inverted. Was Da Vinci's mirror writing a deliberate form of code or is it possible that he was dyslexic?

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The Hollywood blockbuster "The Da Vinci Code" captivated audiences worldwide while outraging the Catholic Church. Its plot line, suggesting Jesus was married and fathered children, is presented as fact but how much of the movie is really true? Did da Vinci actually leave hidden clues in his paintings? Is there indeed a secret society protecting the bloodline of Christ? Join our team of real-life code breakers, Renaissance experts, and professors of religion and language as we uncover the truth behind this controversial film.

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