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Why the Biggest Airport Hangars Aren't for Planes

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Why the Biggest Airport Hangars Aren't for Planes

Short | 03:45

The biggest airport hangars are reserved for ground vehicles that have a 17-ton chassis and twin 16L engines. They're built to shunt a fully loaded jet that's 40 times heavier than they are around the airport.

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700 flights from 5 continents land at Frankfurt Airport every day, a feat only possible due to specialists from 70 countries working together to welcome passengers into this busy hub. Meet the teams that connect this Mega Airport to the globe. We show how over 20,000 weird and wonderful ground vehicles race across the tarmac to keep flights on schedule, how retail specialists have turned international shopping into a science, and how a four-legged fleet of sniffer dogs are leading the fight against global drug smuggling.

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