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Why the OV-10 Bronco May Be the Ideal Plane to Combat ISIS

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Why the OV-10 Bronco May Be the Ideal Plane to Combat ISIS

Short | 03:21

In May 2015, the Pentagon initiated a secret program dubbed Combat Dragon II. Its purpose: to test the viability of the low-cost, Vietnam-era OV-10 Bronco in combat scenarios against ISIS.


    • Wednesday
    • 5:00pm
    Nov 28
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    • 4:00pm
    Dec 05

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The OV-10 Bronco is the Swiss Army Knife of military aviation, faster than a helicopter, more maneuverable than a jet, and able to provide optimal support for troops on the ground in the most difficult of environments. Follow the journey of this light attack aircraft, from its humble origins five decades ago in the garage of two Marines to its heroic missions in Vietnam. Then see how a disastrous role in Desert Storm nearly grounded the warbird for good until it got a shot at redemption two decades later against ISIS.

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