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Why Tomb Raiders Treated This Priceless Gem Like Trash

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Why Tomb Raiders Treated This Priceless Gem Like Trash

Short | 01:57

Why would grave robbers break into the King of Xuzhou's tomb and leave its most priceless jade treasure behind? The answer may lie in the precious stone's status as currency in ancient China.


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China, as we know it today, would not exist without the Han Dynasty. About two millenniums ago, its emperors ruled for over 400 years, and yet, few visible remains of this period exist above ground. Underground, however, it's a different story. Join a team of archaeologists as they enter the royal tombs of three emperors spanning the reign of the Han Dynasty. By excavating these sites, they hope to further our knowledge of their wealth, their beliefs, their quest for immortality, and how their culture and philosophy shaped modern China.

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